Office Furniture Rentals

More options than just buying

For some businesses where cash is required and better as working capital, office furniture expenditure is not high on their totem pole. We have more options than just buying our furniture. Our Lease rental solutions make financial sense as one can manage ones operational expenses over a period of time without the big cash outlays.

Lease Rental

With a lease rental you can amortise the cost of procuring office furniture over a period of 3 – 5 years and avoid the big cash outlay required for buying the furniture upfront.

This option also gives you a fixed monthly operating expense that can be put into your budget, with a monthly tax write off. This also keeps the furniture off your Balance sheet which could be a depreciating asset.

We will help you with our convenient credit application process to make the process even more seamlessly.

Lease To Own

This solution gives you all the benefits of a lease rental solution with the additional benefit of taking ownership of the furniture should you prefer not to upgrade at the end of the rental term.

With the lease to own solution, ownership of the furniture is transferred at the end of the term for an additional settlement payment.

If any of these options sound viable to you please complete the below form and one of our friendly consultants will get in contact with you.

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